J.J. Watt Amazingly Jumps Nearly 60 Inches High

JJ Watt is simply one of most incredible athletes to have ever played Defensive End. The 6’5 290 player also occasionally plays DT due to his awesome attributes. Last season Watt nearly broke the NFL sack record (21.5) but a late season injury prevented him from doing so.

But back to the task at hand. Watt jump at an amazing height of 59.5 inches. Which is absolutely ridiculous. And in my opinion he could possibly be the greatest Defensive End prospect in the history of the NFL. (athletically)


Cut out the sissy flopping. PLEASE!!!!

Ok, as much as I love basketball. I can’t stand to watch it. No longer we are in the glory days of good 1 on 1 defense. Coaches are stressing flopping more and more to combat the less than average defensive players.

But it shouldn’t be the offensive players fault if his guy can’t keep up. Let them play hard nose aggressive defense without this sissy flopping done by players like Shane Battier. It’s suppose to be the NBA.. Best of the Best. So let’s see what David Stern comes up with. But I’m not expecting much.. I mean he is David Stern.

Sporting Nation Question


Pippen: My boy can do you on his sickest day. Sorry LBJ lol!!

To ruin a prayer, or to not ruin a prayer.

I found this post very helpful to those who are unsure on what to do. In hard times we seem to slack off. So take the time to read this hopefully it’s very good for you.

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