Today’s Athlete..

Where do I start? Do I start with the attitudes of kids that are given millions before they are mentally tough enough to handle the burden of what comes along with such responsibility. Should I blame parents that don’t teach their kids how to appreciate things & how to treat people. I don’t know.

Is it the tattoos like Miami Heat Chris Andersen? The snotty bratty attitudes like LeBron James who think they are the chosen. I’m not sure it could be a mixture of it all.

The days of players like Magic Michael and Bird..are long gone. Players are selfish and only care about stats and who pull off the next largest contract. It pisses me off. Something has to change. Because Sports today just aren’t the same.

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I'm the outspoken sports fanatic from Atlanta, Georgia. I Breathe Falcons, Hawks, Bulldogs, Braves, Yellow Jackets and oh, WWE. I love wrestling and you might see and occasional post on wrestling news. With that said feel free to critique any of my post. I'm an up and coming blogger so I'd like as many tips I can get. Love peace and stay blessed world.

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