Major pressure for Sanchez

Sources: Sanchez plans to be at workouts
QB Mark Sanchez is probably under the most pressure he’s ever had to deal with in his career. The team is pretty much in rebuilding mode and it’s evident with the Drafting of Geno Smith. With a relatively young receiving core and players on and off the team.. Don’t have any confidence in him at all. I mean, I can’t blame them. Dude bumped into his own offensive lineman and fumbled the ball.
I think he sucks personally and it’s going to take a miracle for him to be on the team next year or possibly this year for the matter. The GM is looking for anyone to take him off their hand. But that will difficult because of his huge 8 million dollar tag he commands. So we will see what happens. I think it’s over for him. I’m thinking he’ll finish this year out and Geno Smith will get his chance to shine next year. WHAT SAY YOU?


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