OT Tyson Clabo signs with Miami

Dolphins Sign Tyson

Tyson was a monsterous Pro Bowl RT for the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons cut him in a surprising move to save money to sign Draft picks. He’s a strong guy with decent feet.. who relies on his size to combat the evolution of speed rushers. The Falcons Offense is looking to get a little more Athletic to go with their No huddle offense they are very effective with. They are looking to do screens and outside runs with the addition of Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers it’s going imperative that you have OLineman that can get down field and block. No disrespect to Tyson he’s not particularly fast but very effective in the run game but has declined significantly. Falcons believe the evolution of their offense will help them if they want to take the next step to winning the Superbowl.

But with that said..Good luck in Miami Clabo.


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